Hello Out There!

To those of you Dallas Cowboy fans who read DMN; you’ll know me as “Howleyesque”. It seems that a few of the ACTUALLY abusive sorts on there (like good ole Rideem) didn’t mind abusing OTHERS but they didn’t like it when I’d hand back as good as I got. SO, they went crying to “Mommy” and got my posts banned. And HE has the NERVE to talk about WHINERS! Well, ban THIS … JERK!

Anyway, what he fails to understand (other than my opinion of the CURRENT H/C); is that for any fan of ANY sports team their are BOTH #1 HOPES and #2 EXPECTATIONS. EVERY fans HOPES are ALWAYS high, mine included. I HOPE that the Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year. EXPECTATIONS, on the other hand, are where HOPES collide with reality. And, under it’s CURRENT Administration, my EXPECTATIONS are nowhere nearly that high. (I’ll be surprised if they make it to the playoffs!)

Oh, and would someone PLEASE tell Troy Aikman to STOP making commercials with Hulk Hogan? They are apparently having a negative effect on his brain function! If the team fails to get to the playoffs this year, it will be BECAUSE they have NO “core” of players on the DEFENSIVE side of the game. And, as the old saying goes, “Defense wins championships!” Therefor, dismantling and rebuilding the OFFENSE would NOT serve their best interests. Perhaps, NEXT YEAR, the H/C MIGHT consider being a little LESS focused on the OFFENSE and make a more concerted effort at BUILDING a DEFENSE! Oh well, that’s more HOPE coming out. GO COWBOYS! Get some “Big D!”


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