Cowboys Beat the Deadskins

Well, Monday night has come and gone and as you all know the Cowboys managed to pull out a close win against the Deadskins. Now, poor, little attention starved Brian Orakpo wants to whine about the recognition that Tony Romo is getting for his part in that win. As with ALL QB’s, he too DOES get BOTH too much credit for wins AND too much BLAME for losses, nothing unusual there. BUT, it seems as if the praise that Romo is getting for playing through a serious injury leaves poor little BriBri feeling overlooked and neglected. After all, Bribri had cramps and had to leave the game to get an IV for them; isn’t THAT just as good as playing with a broken rib? NO BriBri it ISN’T! And, if YOU’D EVER HAD a broken rib you’d KNOW that. So, before running your nasty, whinny mouth you MIGHT want to talk to people who HAVE been there before, it will KEEP you from sounding like a spoiled, bratty little GIRL!
Inspite of the BEST and in SOME CASES the WORST efforts of the Deadskins, Romo and the Cowboys prevailed. The Deadskins apparently faked the snap count in order to confuse the Cowboys center and were ALLOWED to succeed by Eddie Hockoneup’s “officiating” crew, inspite of that fact that doing so is a violation of specific league rules. If it had only happened once or twice one might be tempted to think that it was ENTIRELY the fault of center Phil Costa; however as it happened on FOUR occasions, one of which was a critical third down play, one can only conclude that TOO MUCH coincidence ISN’T COINCIDENTAL! The SAME “officiating” crew that POLITELY overlooked a few holding calls committed by the Deadskins against Demarcus Ware and AT LEAST one “unsportsmanlike conduct” call for a hit on a “defenseless player” on the sidelines that were committed right in front of them and were basicly impossible NOT to see.
Another factor that limited Romo’s ability to do anything more than put the team in position; on six occasions over the course of the game; for the kicker Dan Bailey to kick the six feild goals that won the game for the Cowboys was the FAILURE of the Cowboys offensive coaching staff to teach the 2nd and 3rd string WR’s Tony had to work with THE PLAYBOOK! SO, several times in the course of the game TONY had to do said coaches jobs FOR THEM, telling those WR’s WHERE to line up and what route to run. And still, some fools choose to question his leadership abilty. Oh well, no one can force the intentionally blind see. So, inspite of having to be a “sandlot coach”; and while playing football with an injury of a type that would leave MOST people unwilling to get out of bed (or the CHAIR they slept in BECAUSE they COULDN’T sleep in a bed DUE TO the injury) Romo did what he needed too to get yardage production his offensive unit needed to in order to secure the winning points. Rob Ryan’s defensive unit, led by Ware and Sean Lee held the Deadskins offense to the 16 points it had scored and in their final drive snuffed it out with a fumble recovery. Not a win by a wide margin, but a win nevertheless,
HOPEFULLY by their NEXT game; against the Lions this Sunday; Garrett and his coaching staff will have DONE their jobs and TAUGHT the WR.’s BEFORE gametime so that Tony doesn’t HAVE TO do THAT during the game! If so, while I respect the Lions and have been happy to see them become what I see as a contender in their division; the Cowboys SHOULD be able to beat them! WITH 2nd and 3rd string WR’S!
Anyway, great win guys! GO COWBOYS! GET SOME BIG “D”!


Waiting For Sunday

Well, like MOST of the other NFL fans out there, I’m waiting for my teams first game of the year. In the meantime I’m enjoying playing golf at Westveiw Golf Course. That is, if you want to call what I DO playing golf! Today it looked more like a bad day at the driving range. Oh well, hopefully my Cowboys will beat the Jets and maybe next week my golf scores will improve too. So, for now this meglomaniac “wannabe’ will go back to playing Civilization or maybe take out my frustrations on the monsters in Diablo.
As a certain satellite TV provider DID NOT give me the FULL NFL coverage package their salesman PROMISED ME, I didn’t get to watch the season opener between Green Bay and New Orleans; looks like I missed a great game. Anybody have any thoughts they’d like to share ABOUT that game?

Hello Out There!

To those of you Dallas Cowboy fans who read DMN; you’ll know me as “Howleyesque”. It seems that a few of the ACTUALLY abusive sorts on there (like good ole Rideem) didn’t mind abusing OTHERS but they didn’t like it when I’d hand back as good as I got. SO, they went crying to “Mommy” and got my posts banned. And HE has the NERVE to talk about WHINERS! Well, ban THIS … JERK!

Anyway, what he fails to understand (other than my opinion of the CURRENT H/C); is that for any fan of ANY sports team their are BOTH #1 HOPES and #2 EXPECTATIONS. EVERY fans HOPES are ALWAYS high, mine included. I HOPE that the Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year. EXPECTATIONS, on the other hand, are where HOPES collide with reality. And, under it’s CURRENT Administration, my EXPECTATIONS are nowhere nearly that high. (I’ll be surprised if they make it to the playoffs!)

Oh, and would someone PLEASE tell Troy Aikman to STOP making commercials with Hulk Hogan? They are apparently having a negative effect on his brain function! If the team fails to get to the playoffs this year, it will be BECAUSE they have NO “core” of players on the DEFENSIVE side of the game. And, as the old saying goes, “Defense wins championships!” Therefor, dismantling and rebuilding the OFFENSE would NOT serve their best interests. Perhaps, NEXT YEAR, the H/C MIGHT consider being a little LESS focused on the OFFENSE and make a more concerted effort at BUILDING a DEFENSE! Oh well, that’s more HOPE coming out. GO COWBOYS! Get some “Big D!”